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This Is Us

At DVCC, we believe children are a special blessing from God and we work to create a safe, nurturing place for your child during our worship service.

Children's Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of our children in age appropriate, developmentally based programs and events which also fully optimize each child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.

Our Vision

We believe in raising kids of real faith, leading them...

  1. To develop a personal relationship with the Living God through Jesus Christ.

  2. To develop a love for God and His Word by building a solid foundation of biblical knowledge through age appropriate lessons, teachings, workshops and hands-on experiences.

  3. To develop a love for people, a burden for lost souls and sharing the Gospel.

  4. To develop DVCC's states values:  devotion, passion, unity, generosity, worship and discipleship.

Our Values

We believe that imparting core values is key to foster a sense of belonging and accountability.  It is also a great behavior management tool.  Values focus on who we are, where rules focus on what we do.  We believe that if we sow Godly values, we will reap Godly behavior.

These are our values and they are recited by our staff, volunteers and children during our programs and events.

  • We are DVCC children!

  • We're accepted just as we are.

  • We're kind.

  • We respect each other's thoughts and struggles.

  • We're safe.

  • We're all in this together.

  • We're neat.

  • God is here, ready to be our friend because we matter!

  • We're kids of real faith!

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